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WP Admin Tips

There is nothing magical about the tips below, I just needed a repository for all the things I finally worked out how to do, and then promptly forgot.

This will also explain why the “professionalism” of the presentation leaves a bit to be desired.

They may even be of use to you 🙂

How to add indents with HTML:

Usually, when HTML is rendered spaces will be automatically removed.
To get around this, add the <Pre> tag to the beginning of the spaces.

Removing the Drop Shadow from images in the MistyLook theme:
To remove the shadow border, we have to override the image style that has been specified by the theme.
To do this, add the following line after “img” in your image tag.

     style="background:#fff; border:none; border-top:0; border-left:0; padding:0;"

Deleting Revisions:
After a while your WordPress can become clogged up with revisions, which can slow retrieval times.
A quick and dirty way to clean them out of the database is to run the following query:

     DELETE  FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'revision'

For a more permanent solution, I use “Better Delete Revision

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