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The XT is MOT’d

The TX now has an MOT and tax on it.  It had been SORN’d for the last two years.

There were no problems with the MOT, just a warning on the brake pedel being a bit loose, and the clutch lever was bent.

I have also checked all the tolerences on the tappets, spark plugs etc.
In the process I buggered one of the tappet covers, so a new on is on order. 
I think it had fused itself to the cam cover.  Anywas, it is sort of back on at the moment.

I have also replaced the tacho cable, as that had broken too. 
A good tip is do not go for the “Hi-Level” copy, as it is too long.  They have it as the same as the XT500.
So it was a new one from Yamaha at £20.  The HiLevel one would have been £7

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