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I did remove the inline fuel filter to no avail.
As an aside, how can Halfords get away with charging £5 for 1 meter of fuel line? Other than mugs like me buy it 😛

Further tests today have concluded that the maximum speed before the engine starts coughing is 60mph.
At 65mph there is the odd cough.
At 70mph the engine is not very well at all, and swift slowing down is required to start running on….. well…. errrmmm…. “all cylinders”, which in the case of the XT is one :O

So it looks like I just can not escape having to take the carb out and give it a strip down.
Tis a bit cold, so I would like to bring the carb indoors to do, but am not sure if that will go down well.
Hey ho, there is only one way to find out.

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