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Option one was to slob on the couch all day re-hydrating, and watching all the pre-ordered DVD’s.
The first of which had to be “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure”, that my daughter has been waiting all week to watch.
Option two was to strip the carb down and see what is going on.

So, the carb was duly stripped down.
Everything seemed to be within tolerance, so I put it back together again.
I did set the secondary carb so that it opens about the same time as the primary, rather than after the primary has opened 10mm.

Off out for a test ride and managed a steady 75mph into the mother of head winds.
It does pop on deceleration, but that sounds kind of cool ๐Ÿ™‚
After getting home I adjusted the richness, and the tick over is much smoother, and lower.

Oh yeah, it also starts much easier. It started on the second kick, which is not bad considering it had not been started for a week. Last week when I tried it it took nigh on 15-20 kicks.

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