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It finally stopped raining this afternoon, and the roads had begun to dry out.
It was promising to be a more enjoyable ride home.

I left work and it was cloudy, but it was a nice crisp evening. The grips where on heat factor 2, just enough to add a glow to my palms.
As usual the traffic was doing the speed limit (40mph) in both directions so there was no opportunity to get on. But hey, who cares, it was not raining and I was enjoying the ride.
Even in that temperature, up to 40mph is manageable with the visor open without too many tears blurring the vision.

A nice blat down the straight to the A3 and getting ready for a clear run. Got on the A3, but wait, what is that on the visor? Arse, it is starting to bloody rain again. Tight around the roundabout and out the otherside. You have to love sandpaper surfaces. Another couple of miles and the rain has stopped.

Ooooooooooh, there is the moon. The clouds are beginning to clear, and the clouds are thinning and flitting across the moon at a hell of a rate of knots.
As I progress the clouds are clearing more and more.
I come up over the hill by the Queen Elizabeth Park and there is now not a cloud in the sky. The moon as bright as anything and there is a fair smattering of stars. What is the name of the star just to the bottom left of the moon?

You know, this is what it is all about.
The visor is partially open allowing the cold air rush up my nostrils. Visibility is fantastic, everything looks vibrant and clear.
Even better, there was not a single moment to moan about, in fact I am sure more cars than usual moved over.

Here’s hoping for a crisp Winter.

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