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It was a bit of a strange day today.

I started off from home in gloroius sunshine and hardly a cloud in the sky, and little traffic
I was marvelling about this all they way to Bordon, with the visor open.

I thought I felt a splash of water. It must be from the trees.
Then there was some more, and this time not a tree in sight, and no the car infront was not cleaning his windscreen
Hang one! Its bloody raining.
But, there was still blue sky all around me.
Ha! there is a black cloud above me.

No problem, I would soon be clearing Bordon and accelerating away.
Oh no, not only did this tiny cloud follow me through Bordon and out the other side, it then accelerated to match speed.
This is just wrong. Clouds should certainly not be allowed to accelerate!

As the day progressed, looking out the window at work, my little cloud still seemd to be hanging around.
Again, it was glorious sunshine and hardly a cloud in the sky when looking out any side of the building.

Bosch!! a full on rainstorm started, but where was the cloud?
Mmmmmm, I thought looking above the buillding……….. and……… not a cloud in sight.
Great, I now appear to have my very own “Stealth Cloud”.

Here’s looking forward to going home and playing “cat and mouse” with a cloud I can not see, but will soon know if it is there.

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