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Toy runs are one of those activities that make biking something special.
They happen at all times of the year, as long as there is an excuse, but the most common are Easter and of course Christmas.

The toy run will bring together bikers who would not normally ride together, as well as many clubs.
The whole idea is to bring a present, dress up as something relevant to the festival, and decorate your bike.

Everyone meets up, and then has a ride out to the school of choice.
Most runs support the same school each year. These schools are always for disadvantaged children, be it orphanages or schools for the mentally handicapped.

The kids are usually there to meet and greet, and there is always tea/coffee and cake/Christmas pies.
There is usually a collection too, with buckets being rattled around.
Seeing the looks on the kids faces is a pure joy.

You get a good ride out, have a laugh, and make a difference to someone’s life.
Keep an eye out for a toy run near you. Easter will be next.
Mary Rose Toy Run 2009

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