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Re-covering the TDM seat

Just before Christmas I was leaving work.
It had been snowing and my seat was covered. I patted it all off, as it had gone hard.

The next day I noticed that there was crack in the vinyl.
I’ve never recovered a seat, so was just gonna buy a second hand one. A check ebay showed that they are £50.
Plan B : Wemoto sell them, so one was ordered. Next day it arrived and offered up to the seat.
There was no way it was gonna fit. I even had second and third opinions, including a seamstress.

I needed the seat done and dusted ready to go back to work on the 4th, so the the 2nd hand option was looking favourite.

Plan C : 7 phone calls later and I found somewhere that could supply more than enough fabric for £8.50.
Off I set armed with a staple gun, scissors and a lot of brute force.

Here is the result, and i am more than chuffed 🙂

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