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Monthly Archive for January, 2010

It is getting lighter

Every year I dread it when the clocks go back ‘cos it means dark rides home, which when combined with the wet and cold can be a real downer. It seems to go on and on and on and on and…. Today was a mostly sunny day and on leaving work at 17:30 I could […]

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Riding in the sleet

Firstly, let me just say that it is not something that I would recommend. I left for work this morning, on the TDM, and it was raining a little bit. I did contemplate taking the car ‘cos snow was forecast “a little later”. Little did I know that in 10 minutes time I would be […]

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We used to have a carport

Up until 06:00 we had a carport just out side the front door. It was about 8’x15′, and was great to protect from the rain, especially when get my kit on/off for the bike. Alas, the extra snow we had last night provided the flake that was a flake too many, bringing the whole thing […]

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Arghhh, need milk

So, we needed milk today. I rang around the various shops nearby and no one had any. Some where expecting their delivery but were not sure when, and others did not even know if they were getting any. I was going to dig the car out of the snow, but that just seemed like hard […]

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The recent snow

I feel I really need to write something about the recent spate of snow. Usually we get a light dusting that lasts about a day. This time we had full on proper snow, well for us anyways. 8 inches dropped last night and what a sight it was. The problem with my job is that […]

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Facebook Groups

I have always found Facebook groups to be annoying, and that is putting it mildly. The Christmas number one one was interesting, but lets face it, why did they not promote the Chris Moyles one, at least that was going to charity from the outset. I guess it just did not have a catchy name […]

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