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Arghhh, need milk

So, we needed milk today. I rang around the various shops nearby and no one had any.
Some where expecting their delivery but were not sure when, and others did not even know if they were getting any.

I was going to dig the car out of the snow, but that just seemed like hard work. Plus, I am not sure I would have got the car back on the drive again.

What is as good as a Landrover, but only has two wheels? Oh yeah, the XT550 was coming out to play.

I got to Morrisons and picked up 12 pints. I would now be able to payback the neighbours and still have some in reserve in case anyone else needed some.

I did seem to get some very odd looks though :O

Here are some snaps of the journey:

First to plow out of the garage

Then down our road

Down the next road

Finally down a main road

Back and tucked up

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