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We used to have a carport

Up until 06:00 we had a carport just out side the front door.
It was about 8’x15′, and was great to protect from the rain, especially when get my kit on/off for the bike.

Alas, the extra snow we had last night provided the flake that was a flake too many, bringing the whole thing crashing down.

I tried to carry Samantha out the front door, when taking her to school.
The roof was made of corrugated perspex sheets, which I had replaced this Summer, so it was very slippery with the snow on.
I slipped and Samantha landed on top of me. Luckily the snow cushioned the fall ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent all morning shovelling all the snow off, and then breaking the roof up and getting it out of the way.

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