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Monthly Archive for February, 2010

A blatant weather post

The problem with this time of year is that many people get a preoccupation with the weather. Winter is just coming to and end. It is getting that little bit warmer, and I can just about make it home with a glow still on the horizon. The thing is, whilst the winter does seem to […]

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Front brake on the XT

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but the brake reservoir on the front was off a Kawasaki something or other. The main reason the XT600 front end was put on was to take advantage of the disc, and getting rid of the drum, as apparently this would provide much better braking. To be honest, […]

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An update on the XT

I just realised that the XT is supposed to be a project, and I am supposed to be documenting the progress. To be honest there has not really been any. The fuel issue is sorted, which was sorted by the strip down, and ensuring that the second carb opened at pretty much the same time […]

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