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An update on the XT

I just realised that the XT is supposed to be a project, and I am supposed to be documenting the progress.
To be honest there has not really been any.

The fuel issue is sorted, which was sorted by the strip down, and ensuring that the second carb opened at pretty much the same time as the primary.
Less fuel economy, but more poke.

I have noticed that one of the tappets is a bit noisy now.

It also has some proper knobblies on it.
I went for Michelin AC10 tyres in the end, which seemed a good balance of rubber on the road and grip for the clay in the hills.

Other than that, not a lot has happened. I guess I have been too busy just having fun on it.
It is immensely practical, and came into its own in all the snow. Saying that, it would have been better with the new tyres.

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