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Front brake on the XT

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but the brake reservoir on the front was off a Kawasaki something or other.
The main reason the XT600 front end was put on was to take advantage of the disc, and getting rid of the drum, as apparently this would provide much better braking.
To be honest, I thought the braking would probably have been better if the drum was on it.

So, via the wonders of ebay I sourced an XT600 brake reservoir and fitted it on the weekend.
I also had to get a brake light switch, but that came from a dealer – £15 😯

Today I was out in the mud in the greenlanes near me. The new tyres are a revelation; the bike is so much more stable and riding sideways does not lead to randomness.

I also had a chance to test the front brake whilst out and about on the road, and it is much better.

I’m not sure what to attack next, that is not going to require removing big bits of the bike for stripping and painting.
I’m having too much fun to take it off the road 🙂

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