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A Morning of Tuning

To day was the day to sort the trike not running on fuel.
Having done a ton of reading, the carbs were set to their basic settings.
Part of that meant that the richness screw was now only 3 turns out instead of 10!!

Hoozah!! The trike immediately started and ran, all be it a bit rough.
Time for my new carb balancing thingy and a twiddle with the screw driver.
After 10 mins, and no complaints from the neighbours all was running sweet.
I did try doing it with the garage door closed, but soon had to vacate the blue fog.

It was running great on all 8 cylinders, but only 4 on gas. Again, the left carb was the issue.

I took the “gas ring” out of the inlet to the carb and it was fouled with watery oil.
Once all cleaned up an put back in it was sounding better.
Now it was the turn of tuning the Vapouriser, increasing the flow of the gas.

Success, all 8 on gas too.

By this time it had been raining for a while, so a test ride was out of the question.

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