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I think I have cracked it

Last weekend I put a fair amount of time in to trying to get the trike running properly on gas and petrol.

By the end of the weekend it was running sweet on gas.
It was a first learning how to tune a LPG vapouriser to deliver just the right amount of gas to the engine.
Whilst the gas does enter the engine via the carbs, the carbs play no real roll the tuning of the engine, with the exception of the tickover speed.

When running on petrol it was chucking out thick black sooty smoke.
Originally the mixture screw had been turned out 10 turns. This explained why it would not run on fuel.
I read that it should be at around 3 turns. This was clearly too rich.
In fact, at one stage I could not get the trike started on anything as the plugs were so sooted.

Yesterday I did a bit more reading and attacked the carbs again last night.
To cut a long story short, after about an hour the engine ran sweet and I stank of petrol as I was tuning it in the garage to try and cut down on the noise to the neighbours.

I just need to take it for a test ride now to see if it really is right.

I have a feeling the next job will be to experiment with the viscosity of the oil used in the dashpots, but that will be a whole new post.

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