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I took the trike out for a run to try and get to the bottom of the issues.
The engine always seems lazy, though ticks over fine.
It seems high reving, and changes to 3rd gear really quickly. (Tis a 3 speed auto box).
At speed it heats up quickly. Speed being a relative term as it would appear that top speed is 66mph.
There seems to be a lot of smoke coming up through the engine breathers.

So, I decided to use my nice new compression tester.
The highest was 75psi and the lowest was 45psi. Most were 65psi.
A quick search of the internet shows that it should be around 150psi. :O

It is a bit hard to believe that I have such a consistent low across all pots.
You would expect it on one or two, or even on one side, but across all 8 cylinders?
Something odd is going on.

The next plan is to test the compressions again, but this time:
a. with another tester, to make sure mine is not duff
b. squirt a bit of oil into the cylinder to try and see if it is the piston rings or the valves/head gasket that are leaking.

Meanwhile I am also keeping an eye out for a replacement Rover 3.5l V8 CD1 engine.

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