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Let the games begin

Well, Quite a few times when I click to visit home improvements, I discover different types of slot machines and get a chance to play them. Honestly, I’m good at it, or maybe I’m just lucky. But never mind, the important thing is that I was able to make some money from it. Then, I got the lump I was after.
It set me back £215, but it is pretty much all there. The lump is nice and tight, and the heads look like new.
It was advertised as having only done 500 miles, after a rebuild, and it certainly looks like that.

The missing bits are minor. I should be able to make use of the bits off of the existing lump.

Next step is to take the sump off and give the whole thing a good clean.
Then, get the front of the trike off and strip off the engine parts I need for the new lump, like starter motor, alternator, fly-wheel and pulleys. I’ll also need the inlet manifold.

Think I will now order a complete set of gaskets off of evilbay.

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