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Tuning LPG

I can honestly say that I would never have guessed that I would have to take a crash course in being able to tune an LPG system.

The main thing to get your head around is that the carbs have little to do with it.
The “richness screw” on a carb adjusts the amount of petrol that is added to the air flowing into the carb.

On the trike there is a “gas ring” just down wind of the carb inlet.
So we need to adjust the flow of gas to that ring, which in turn will adjust the “richness”of the mix.

Gas is stored as a liquid, and so must pass though a vaporiser that will convert it too a gas.
This process can cause an ice build up, so the vaporiser will have a feed from the heating system to warm it.

A common vaporiser is an OMVL, and they are suprisingly easy to tune.
I do not have an O2 analyser, so opted for the “Setting without an analyser” section of the linked document.
I also removed my ecomax, which I may put back on one day if I ever work out how or if it is working.
I used this doc to tune the OMVL – https://www.landywiki.co.uk/index.php?title=OMVL_Adjustment

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