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If you are going to do a job, do it properly!
I have said this to myself many times and it is usually true. Well, in so far as I am not totally anal about it.

When I was putting the heads back on the trike I had a bit of an issue.
I had two sets of head gaskets. One set for a standard 3.5 and one set for a 3.9 (which came with the replacement engine.
The problem was that the 3.9 set were for a head with only 2 rows of bolts. My 3.5 had 3 rows.
So I “offered up” the 3.5 set and whilst they were a bit on the small side it looked like I would still get a seal on each piston.

The test ride soon showed that power was not as it should be. There was also emulsified oil in the rockers. A quick test with the compression tester gave a reading of 45psi.
A couple of choice words were uttered, followed by a bit of stomping around, and then some more choice words.

So, a correct set was ordered from Rimmer Brothers, purveyors of all things Rover V8.

I spent yesterday evening stripping the engine back down to the heads.
This also involves removing the engine mounts and dropping the engine a couple of inches so that I can remove the inlet manifold.

Anyways, I hear that the gaskets have arrived today, so this evening will be to get the heads off, gaskets replaced, and heads back on.
If I get more done then all the better, else the rest will be done tomorrow.
Test rides will be on the cards for Saturday morning.

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