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I have decided to step away from the trike, before I find the BIG hammer.

I have changed the head gaskets.
I was going to test the compression before I put it all back together, but could not find one of the connectors.
I knew it had to be in the garage, but it was stubborn hidden.

So I put the whole thing back together, though I did not fill it with coolant “just in case”.
It fired straight up and sounded pretty all right.
I then had another hunt for the compression tester, and it was exactly where it wasn’t when I looked for it!!!
A quick check of a sample of pots with a result of a mere 55psi.

It just does not make sense. How can I be out by so much across all the pots?

I am sure it is not leaking through the rings. It does not make sense that it could be warped heads, ‘cos by any stretch of the imagination it would not give a uniform result across both sides and all eight pots.
I also know that the marks on the camshaft and crank were lined up as they should be.

The next plan is to find a garage that can do a “leak test”, but for the time being I have walked away from it to take time out to enjoy the summer.

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