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Monthly Archive for August, 2010


The last step on the trike was top add water, and coolant. It seemed to be running ok, though possibly still a bit “lazy”. What was needed was a test run. Once it was filled, I let it run up to temperature. It was running a bit hot, but then there was a big gurgle […]

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Not the sort of question that would cross your mind really. Or, if it did the most likely answer would be that you would run the battery down. Oh no. This is the trike we are talking about. It occupies its own private spot in the space time continuum, and specifically the little part that […]

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Never buy cheap tools

I was out and about today, which included a visit to Machine Mart. I was really tempted to buy a compressor, so I could do the leak test on the trike, but they did not seem to come with a hose let alone any tools. I had shouted out on a forum to borrow one, […]

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