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Never buy cheap tools

I was out and about today, which included a visit to Machine Mart.
I was really tempted to buy a compressor, so I could do the leak test on the trike, but they did not seem to come with a hose let alone any tools.

I had shouted out on a forum to borrow one, and asked on Freegle to try and get a free one, but to no avail.

I saw a mate across the road coming home. A short while later I was testing the compression again with his tester……
125 psi!!!!!!!
That is with a cold engine and all the other plugs still in. So, after all that it looks like the compression is well within tolerance.

The moral of the story?
Don’t buy cheap tools off ebay to save a few quid.
The off ebay cost £10, a good one costs £25.

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