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Not the sort of question that would cross your mind really.
Or, if it did the most likely answer would be that you would run the battery down.

Oh no. This is the trike we are talking about.
It occupies its own private spot in the space time continuum, and specifically the little part that specialises in Chaos Theory.

So, what did happen?
The coil blew up :O
Well that may bit over dramatic, but not far off the truth.
The black bit sort of shot an inch out of the silver tube that it was crimped in to.
It managed to shoot coil oil, nope I did not know it was full of oil either, all over the headstock, and then rest dripped down over the inlet manifold and down into the Valley Gasket.

The garage now has a smell of burnt Bakelite combined with chip oil.

Had a chat with the guys at Rimmer Brothers, and a new coil is on route.

Oh yeah, and the battery did go flat, but that has now been charged.

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