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The last step on the trike was top add water, and coolant.
It seemed to be running ok, though possibly still a bit “lazy”. What was needed was a test run.

Once it was filled, I let it run up to temperature. It was running a bit hot, but then there was a big gurgle and the level went down.
A quick top up and I watched the gauge.
Something did not look right,but I could not put my finger on it.
Ahhhhhhhhh, there appears to be steam coming out of the left pipe, the right pipe was vapour free. I was running on LPG, so it could not be “smoke”.
Next I took off the oil filler cap. Mmmmmm, and instant steam train.
In fact it looked so cool I just watched it for a couple of minutes, and even blipped the throttle. I even contemplated if I could replicate it in a proper build.

With the coolant system under pressure I decided to check each of the cylinders on the left side.
When I took the plug out of No.3 (2nd one from the front) and turned the engine, a hot geyser erupted from the hole.
With the piston at the top water just poured out.
The heads will need skimming.

Time has also run out to play for the summer.
The tax is due at the end of the month, so I have taken the decision to SORN it.
It looks like it will not be back on the road until next Spring.
Over next few months, the lump will be meticulously checked over, the heads skimmed, a complete re-wiring, respray, and the back end re-designed, with the possibility of a smaller LPG tank and a much bigger petrol tank.

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