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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Interlopers arrive

Over the past few days I have been watching the pigeons, who come and go but are generally there every day. Every now and again a Magpie would turn up and wander around on the same corner of the building as the pigeons. Most of the time the pigeon(s) are not there, and the Magpie […]

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Here we go again

The trike is now back in the back of the garage, with the front end off. The oil and water have been drained, so work can commence. The first job will be to remove the inlet manifold with the carburettors. Work will then commence on cleaning and painting/polishing.

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The pigeon’s friend

As promised, here is a photo of the “Lone Pigeon”. It is even better in that his ‘friend’ was there too!! I read last night that pigeons mate for life, so was wondering if there is a nest up there and he watches the world go by whilst she is tucked up in a nest […]

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The Lone Pigeon

A couple of months ago a pigeon took up residence on the roof of the building opposite. Every day I look out the window, from my desk, and there he is come rain or shine. I always thought that pigeons like to hang out together, but this one is all on his own. Saying that, […]

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