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Harley Davidson dealers

When you buy a Harley you know about all the jokes and the bandied about reputation.
You still go out and spend a sizeable wedge of money on buying one.
I love my Night Rod Special. It is really addictive and rides like a “proper” bike. In fact, most Harley riders refuse to talk to you ‘cos it is water cooled, but that is a whole different story.

The thing is, mine has had a new frame, ‘cos the horn mount fell off, new triple trees, ‘cos the paint bubbled off. The same with the clutch reservoir and the swing arm.

Dockgate 21 had the pleasure of resolving the swing arm.
When I got the bike back the belt was dangerously loose and the rear engine mounts were undone.
I also had a knock coming from the swing arm pivot.

This year the knock is worse. Investigations have shown that the right hand bush, which is made of soft metal, has worn.
So, I have ordered a new one of those and getting the left hand bearing too, for the princely sum of £59.
How much do you think HD would want to supply and fit?
£280+VAT !!!!!

I hear Dockgate 21 is closing its doors by Christmas, if it has not been sold beforehand.
Whilst I feel for some of the staff, I can not help but think it is their own bl@@dy fault.

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