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Tomorrow I am due to get a MRA Vario Maxi screen, which will get rid of the terrible turbulence.

So, today’s job was to replace the heated grips, as the oem ones had given up the ghost.
The choice was the Oxford Hot Grips, a mere £45 from J&S
All in all it should not take much longer than an hour to cut the old ones off and install the new ones, including taping up the connectors.

Why did it take 6 hours then?
The last couple of nights when I have wheeled the bike back in to the garage the front wheel has squeaked.
I jacked the front up today and it was stiff.
I then noticed that there was only 1mm on the pads :O
So, I got new pads too.
When I fitted them they got stuck on. The callipers had seized, so the whole lot came off and I stripped down each one and cleaned them up.

Everything seems all right, and the grips are feeling lovely.

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