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Is it just me?

More and more now a days I am finding that if you want something done properly you should do it yourself.

The latest, and final tale, in the DX swing arm saga is that I took it to my local garage to do. They also MOT all my bikes.

I kept ringing back to see if it had been done.
At just under two weeks I rang up, and the receptionist said she would just tell them that I would be picking the swing arm up in 2 days, so it would get done.

In I went on the Saturday, and they had tried and failed.
Apparently they could not remove the bearing with the press, and as they did not want to damage it they gave up, and suggested I take it to a Harley Davidson dealership.

I took it home, noticed they had not removed the retaining clip for the bearing, so set about doing it myself.

To cut the story short, an hour later I had replaced the bearing and the shim using nothing but my bench vice.

The swing arm is now back on the DX and all the play has gone.

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