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Monthly Archive for December, 2010

My second favourite day of the year

Today is my second favourite day of the year. It is the shortest day. Apparently the sun rose at 08:04 and will set a 15:53, giving a paltry 8 hours of sunshine. Saying that, there is snow and ice on the ground and it is very overcast today. Anyways, as of today we should be […]

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Dehumidifiers for the garage

If anyone is thinking of getting one, here is my recommendation… My garage is a 24’x11′ detached prefab, with metal roof. It does have a waterproof sheet between the roof and general area. Last year I had condensation damage to the Hardley, and some light rusting of tools. There are two types of dehumidifier, those […]

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First post from my iPhone

It has been some time since I have added anything on here, mainly due to work and playing in the snow. So, I was sitting on the sofa and the laptop was getting heavy on my lap. I know, I thought, I will install the iTunes Remote app on my iPhone so I can control […]

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