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If anyone is thinking of getting one, here is my recommendation…

My garage is a 24’x11′ detached prefab, with metal roof.
It does have a waterproof sheet between the roof and general area.

Last year I had condensation damage to the Hardley, and some light rusting of tools.

There are two types of dehumidifier, those with a compressor and a non compressor one.
I tried a compressor one and if froze up within half an hour.

I finally settled on an Eco Air DD122FW Simple £128.45, including delivery.
I got it from here

Within 36 hours it had removed 8 litres and brought the humidity down to the 40% I set it to.
The sheet that covers the Hardley was dry.
Even the big roll of blue tissue, you know the one I mean, is dry.
It happily runs when it is sub zero outside the garage.
It is noticeable drier when I open the door and walk in.

It may seem a bit expensive, also taking into account the running costs, put it pales into insignificance when you take into account the potential damage that condensation can cause.

Probably the best thing I have brought this year.

Whilst they state next day delivery, mine took 48 hours, but that is due to how busy the couriers are at the moment.

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