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Debris on the roads

I had always leaned towards the side of those that bemoan the riders that complain about diesel on the roads.
Sure, it is there but it can not be the fault of every bike going down the road shiny side down, when it has been raining.

Well, I was just under 2 miles from home last Friday and the bike went out from underneath me.
It is quite a surreal experience.
One minute you are approaching a roundabout, in the same way that you have approached it everyday for the last 2 years, except that this time you don’t get there.
The bike just disappeared out from underneath me leaving wondering “what the &%$£ happened there?”

A guy in the car behind me was out of his car and getting me to help pick the bike up before I had even got to the bike.
We got it to the side of the road and inspected what had happened.
The road was covered in sand, as was I, having taken an unorthodox approach to trying to clear it up with with what I was wearing.
Due to wet it had been near invisible.

The Police then turned up, took the basic of details and then followed me home to make sure I rode back ok.

Next stop was a lift to the hospital, with the girlfriend, where it was discovered that I had broken my left wrist.
Well, it is not so much of a break, as snapping a tip of the Ulna off.
No wondering riding the bike home was a bit on the sore side.

So, I am banned from riding/driving until the “Fracture Clinic” give me the all clear. It could be 2-6 weeks
Oh joy!!

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