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I spent last weekend getting the TDM ready for commuting back to work on Monday.
Took it out for a test ride on the Sunday and it ran fine. It did start raining, heavily, about 3 miles down the road, but the bike ran fine.
Then the GF reminded me that I was taking her to a hospital appointment on Monday, so that scuppered that. I would be working from home.

Wooooo Hoooo, Tuesday arrived and it was time to get the bike out of the garage.
Fired it up and it sounded like it was missing on one pot.
Sod it, gonna ride anyway, as it may be water in the leads, from the rain, and it should soon dry out.
Got petrol, and it was still only on one.
Nope, I don’t care, I am gonna ride to work. I will call Carol Nash and get the bike fixed there, it will be a fouled plug as it is common on the TDM if you leave the fuel tap on.
The 850 was now a 425cc, though it manage a healthy 80mph, so long as there was nothing remotely resembling an uphill incline.
I have also never seen the engine run so cool. In fact a times i was not sure the temp gauge was working.

Called Carol Nash Breakdown and they told me only two of the four bikes are covered.
“How does that work” I asked, “as they are all on the same policy”.
Rang Carol Nash and they said all 4 are covered. Rang Breakdown back and they agreed!!

The tech turned up, and he was a great guy and to condense an hour of swearing, I will just state that we changed the plug. They are not easy to get at on a TDM.
The bike fired up and all was sweet as a nut.
I had a great ride home, but it was to be the last for some time.

Also that day, the guy that had been giving me a lift to work, whilst my arm was in cast, had the head gasket in his car go.
So, I am now back in the car giving him a lift to work ๐Ÿ™

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