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I have been a Associate member of the Institute of Advance Motorists, having brought a “Skills for life” package last year.

I was assigned an Observer last year, but had some bike issues and lost my slot.
Eight months later and I have been assigned a different observer.
This one is a serving Police Rider.

I was really hoping that I would be assigned a serving Police rider because, and with no disrespect to the other Observers, I have always felt that the Police are highly trained and experienced. Also, the actual test is undertaken by a Police rider.

My Observer comes from Sussex, so I have a feeling that he is serving with the Sussex Police.
This gives me mixed feelings, as the Sussex Police Riders have a bit of a reputation for entrapping weekend riders.
I appreciate that many “weekend riders” ask for it, but there are ways to go about it, and riding down to Brighton, undercover, with a group, sharing tea/coffee, and then getting them nicked on the way back up is not really the way to win friends and influence people.

Some may even have heard of the case, brought by Sussex Police, that now means that there person at the front of a ride out can be prosecuted for the actions of the other riders.
As an aside, Ken works as a chippy and fitted the worktops in my kitchen, though I did not realise that he was THE Ken Clark when I called him.

Anyway, I shall proceed with an open mind and provide updates.

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