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I was not sure what to expect, though given what I was told about my observer, John, I was not expecting a “pipe smoking” rider, of which I had come across a few at my local IAM days.
I was surprised to see that there were going to be two of us riding with John, but it worked really well.

It was gloriously sunny day, a perfect Spring day, giving nice dry roads and that unmistakable smell of the countryside.
A day to feel truly alive ๐Ÿ™‚
We rode some of the best roads that Hampshire and West Sussex have to offer, and traffic was pretty light.

I, like many of my mates will more naturally head for 70-80mph in national speed limits, but today was a stick to the speed limits day.
The first thing this made me notice is that 40 and 60mph are both in between gears on the TDM.
I spent most of the day feeling the typical V-Twin vibration as it could have been with being in a higher gear, but sticking it in a higher gear made it a bit snatchy and over-sensitive.
A couple of teeth less on the rear would probably have made enough of a difference.

It was a fantastic day, and really good fun.
I am looking forward to the next ride, as i am doing what I love doing with two other people that love it.
And, I have a Class 1 Police rider coaching me. What more could you want?

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