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Last night I decided to ride back home along my old commuting route.
This was Farnham, down to Bordon, and then on to the A3 and home.

I had stopped running this route as it is really boring as there is invariably a queue of traffic going in to Bordon, and then all the traffic lights.
There is only 11 turns to get work going that way, including coming off my drive.
Yeah, so it is that boring that I counted the turns.
I had changed to coming up though Selbourne and then up the A31 to Farnham.

Anyways, yesterday I went home via Bordon and saw, in total, 8 bikes coming the other way.
Where have they all come from? In previous years I have only seen two or three. Over the winter there is only one other bike.
This must mean that more people are now taking to the roads, on a bike, which can only be a good thing.

Most of them also nodded back. Things really are getting better.

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