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The Portsmouth Riviera

Various parts of the south coast claim to be the “English Riviera”. Well, I think part of it is around Portsmouth, and it extends as far north as Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Today was one of those occasions when I awoke to beautiful sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.
I have been banned from singing “The sun has got his hat on..”, so had to make do with mumbling it to myself.
It was gonna be a great ride to work, and I just had to decide what route I was going to take.

All routes invariably start with a trip up the A3 and I decide at Petersfield whether to go West, East or carry on up North.
The problem is at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, where the Riviera ends and random weather starts.
Today it was a fog bank. The kind that dumps moisture on to the visor as quick as you can wipe it off.
At the best of times it is annoying, but is somewhat compounded by the fact that I am wearing Blues Brother stylee dark shades.

This happens quite often. Sometimes it is rain and sometimes it is fog.
Either way, my ride to work in the brilliant sunshine was no longer.
Often, the fog will clear the other side of Petersfield, but today was one of those days when it went all the way to Farnham.

One thing is certain. About 30 minutes after getting to work the fog would have burnt off and there will be brilliant sunshine.

I think I need to find a job on the Riviera.

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