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How to run a dog over

One of the things that I have always dreaded, when riding about, is an animal running out in front of the bike, and what the hell I would do.
Well, last Sunday I had a chance to answer that question.

I was out on the Hardly enjoying the sun and a nice straight country road.
I saw some buildings, a junction and a cyclist in the distance, so backed off a bit.
A Jack Russell then popped out and looked like it was going to make B line for the cyclist, which is typical of them.

But no! Being a Jack Russel it spotted something bigger and better to have a go at.
It made a 45 degree veer off towards me.
I immediately hastened the slowing down process, but there was no getting away from it.
In a moment the decision was made. I did not want to play “avoid the Jack Russell on a mission”, and I did not want to skid on it either.
So, did not veer, and I did not brake.

I felt the bike ride up and over the dog, and then I had it with the 260mm back tire too.
The Hardly weighs 307Kg, then add another 85Kg for me.
The bike was great, it held true to its line allowing me to pull over about 20 foot up the road.

I could hear the dog squealing, and thought the worst.
I climbed off the bike and started to look back.
I could not believe it. The dog was at the side of the road, looking a bit chastised and holding one paw up.
It was not flat in the road, and it was still bouncing about.

So, lessons learnt?
1. If you see potential road kill, it is safer to just ride over it.
2. Jack Russells really are hard little buggers.

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