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This Sunday I decided to pay a visit to the local Advanced Motorists “First Sunday of the Month” – Solent Advanced Motorcyclists

This time I was out on the TDM850, as it was a bit foggy and I could not be bothered to play musical bikes to get the Hardly out.
I was pottering along on a nice wide road when a suicidal Blackbird “appeared” in front of the bike just in time to ricochet off the headlight.
I did not bother stopping this time, and a quick glance in the mirror seem to confirm that it was still flying, all be it a bit erratically.

Next Sunday i was thinking of doing a bit of green laning on the XT.
I am now having second thoughts, or maybe I should keep a close eye out for cows :O

“First Sunday of the Month”
On these days there are a number of Observers available who will take you out for an observed ride. At the end they will comment on your riding style, in a positive and constructive manner.
It is an ideal opportunity to get an unbiased opinion of your riding style, and pick up some tips.

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