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Some of you know that I am a member of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch
Well, we got another invite from the Hairy Bikers to help out with one of their shows.

This time they were helping to promote “Meals on Wheels“.
It seems that the service is slowly dying out due to a lack of volunteers. Some areas have already lost the service.
This is really a terrible state of affairs. Many elderly people rely heavily on Meals on Wheels to provide them with a proper meal, made with fresh quality ingredients, and includes a pud.

My Gran used to have meals on wheels. The gentleman that delivered it, every 2 weeks, always had time to stop and chat.
He even made my Gran a curry one day, because she commented that Meals on Wheels did not offer one.
Meals on Wheels were really important to her, as I am sure they are important to many of the elderly.

So, if you can spare a couple of hours, every 2 weeks, give your local Meals on Wheels service a call and see if they need some help.

Why was I there? Well this time they asked the Legion riders to supply 20 bikes to escort a massive Shepherds Pie and a cake, representing a typical Meals on Wheels meal.
The pie smelt great, and the cake tasted great.

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