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The Royal British Legion is made up of a number of Branches.  On the whole these also include a premises/club, that are usually renowned for selling cheap booze.
Not all Branches of The Legion are localised.  There are also National Branches that cover the whole country, and the Riders Branch is one of those.

The Riders Branch is primarily made up of motorcyclists/bikers and is very diverse in it’s membership.
Members are young and old, male and female.  We take part in all types of biking and biking events, from track days to rallies, on customs to sports bikes, and everything in between!
And not forgetting formal Legion organised events and fund raising.

One of the biggest unknown facts is that you do not have to be, or have been, a member of the Armed Forces to join the Legion.
Should you want to join the Riders Branch, we would hope that you would make some efforts to help us raise money for The Poppy Appeal, but if you just want to pay the membership fee and have fun that is fine too.

We run a number of rallies during the year, including our own “National Rally” that is only open to members.

Last year we raised just under £154,000 for The Poppy Appeal

So, if you have £16 spare and fancy joining in, join on line now!!

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