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Dry clay hurts

A couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to invest in a set of motocross boots.
I had been using an old pair of normal boots, but they gave very little support and they had smooth soles.

I was going to go for a test ride last weekend, but did not want to be writing the “3 Sundays, 3 Animals post”.
So, it was today that I set out on the XT.

I had not got 100yds down the road when I realised that I could not get enough pressure on the rear brake, and I was having trouble changing up the gears.
I was prepared, so stopped off at J&S armed with a 10mm spanner.
Gear changes were now going well, but I was a bit enthusiastic with the brake adjustment.
A mile down the road, I re-adjusted the rear brake and all was good.

So, on to the dirt, a green lane at the back of Buster Hill. Things were feeling good, thought the boots were really stiff.
A bit of on road, then back off road again, on to another green lane. This one is a bit more overgrown, so you have to duck every now and again.
The problem with this one is that half way along it you can join from another road, and it is common with 4x4s, that leave deep ruts.
Well, I got stuck in a rut and hit the dirt. Dry clay is very hard!
I picked the bike up and almost immediately noticed that the gear lever was missing. I looked around and the gear lever was there, along with about 1.5″ of gear selector shaft.
Oh joy. I am in the arse end of nowhere with a 550cc, non-electric start, stuck in 2nd.
I did try bump starting it, but it was never gonna happen without the aid of someone else or a steep hill where I could get some speed and then jump down on it.

I walked the bike about 1/4 mile back up the track to a house I had noticed, knocked on the door with a view to asking if I could leave the bike by his wall. He let me put it in the garage.
Lastly he gave me a post code so i could call the girlfriend to come and pick me up.

One hot bath later and I am feeling less sore, though I can imagine what it is going to be like in the morning ๐Ÿ™

Tomorrow I have my 3rd Observed ride, then I need to ask the neighbours if they can go and pick it up with their m/bike trailer.
I could get Carol Nash Breakdown to collect it, but the post code I was given is more an area rather than a pin point.

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