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What makes a ride?

There are many rides out there, and everyone has their own favourites.
The other problem is that most of them involve sections of road, and the trick is stringing them all together to make a circuit.
Wacking a chunk of motorway or dual carriageway in there, to join the sections up, detracts from the overall experience.
Throw a bit of town/built up area too, as this will help you concentrate on other areas of your ride, and the hazards associated with it.

Here is a ride that I have put together that encompasses some of my favourite bits of road:

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One of the little known roads, if you are to ride any part of it, is the section from Rowlands Castle to the A285.
If it is a hot sunny day, make sure you stop in the viewing point at the West corner of Goodwood Racetrack for an ice cream.

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