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Pan Europeans are know for the swingarm attracting rust. It is a common reason for older ones to fail an MOT, and definately something to look out for if you are buying one.

I brought mine in October last year and saw that is what a bit holey, even though it had had an MOT the week before.
The MOT was undertaken by an East End of London garage, so nuff said.

For Honda to supply and fit you are looking at around £700!!
I sourced a second hand one for just shy of £200, and it still needed a plate welding to it.

You can find a great pointer on how to undertake the work here
I brought the special tool for the left hand bolt off ebay.

With all the panels off, I have been working my way from front to back cleaning, touching up and mending.
Last week it was the turn of the swingarm.

My swingarm came off really easily, and was an easy job. I also took the time to overhaul the rear brake calliper too.

As you can see, once I had removed it and knocked the rust off it was in worse condition that I thought

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  1. Roger Hallett says:

    Just done mine bought a new swingarm off ebay 2years ago, no problem with seized parts apart from the lower shocker bolt so i removed the top one instead, removed the fuel tank for extra room, i bought a castellated nut socket £9.95 again off ebay (just love ebay) refitting was quite easy just struggled a little with the inner brake hose bolt but got there in the end, i found a pair of extra long nosed pliers helped with the refitting the rubber boot. The torque figures should read 105nm & 18nm. Hope this Post helps.
    Kind rewards Roger.
    PS The bike is a 1990 model.