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Once you have completed a number of observed rides, it will get to the stage when your observer will recommend that you are ready for the mock test.
Yep, you have to do a mock test before you can apply for your full test. This will be one of the senior observers.

Well, I had my mock test a couple of weeks ago. It has taken sometime to write about what happened as I was not entirely happy with it.
We met up at a Sainsburys’ car park, and we headed out on to the M27 the plan being to jump one junction, and then loop between two junctions a couple of times so he could see some motorway work.
When I got on there was a hell of a lot of traffic around, so I moved right out to the outside lane and cleared a load of slow moving traffic, and then saw the 1/3 mile marker for the exit, so headed back across ready to leave the motorway.
The senior observer then went past me and lead me to a right filter to take us out into the countryside, with me then taking the lead again.
It was a single track road that ran for a few miles with great visibility, and we only met one car neatly passing each other at a passing place.
We then carried on along some other countryside roads, heading back towards Fareham to hit the roads in and around the town centre to test town riding.
Finally it was back to Sainsburys and questions on the Highway Code, Better Riding, and Road Signs.

I guess that all in all it went quite well, and I was told that I would be put forward for the full test, but with recommendations for me to work on some areas.
So it was a pass.
The thing is, I was not happy with it, feeling that i could have done better.
Maybe it was exam nerves, but to be honest I am getting a bit too old for that.
Maybe it was riding with a different person, which I think may be the reason, as it is not like riding together as you are trying to watch for directions, as well as your own ride.
My guy kept dropping right back, so I would doubt I was doing the correct speed, and kept looking out for speed signs in case I was speeding.
All in all it was quite distracting, and nothing like riding with my observer.

The idea is is that you should just “ride you own ride”, and so far as possible, ignore what the examiner is doing. It is up to him to keep up with you, watch you and ride his own ride.
Ride you ride and have fun.
Now lets see if I can do it when I have my exam.

I have applied for an exam, and am just awaiting the examiner (a serving Hampshire Police rider) to contact me to arrange a date/time.

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