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Hit the Wall

Don’t panic, it was not a new twist on me parting company with the bike.

The IAM thingy was really beginning to get to me, to the extent that I actually lost the urge to ride.
Anyone that knows me will know that things have to be pretty serious to keep me off a bike.
Practising IPSGA is not the issue, that comes pretty intuitively, it was keeping to the speed limits 100% of the time.
Before any jumps up saying “but you should”, just try going on an open country road with great visibility at 40mph for x number of miles.
Not only that, but do it everyday on the way to work, and then do it on the way home again.
It is sole destroying, and I even started to not looking forward to going to work.

I had a chat with my Observer, and it would seem that this is very common, including amongst Police riders undertaking Class 1 training.
The cure is to take a couple of days off.

I decided to carry on applying and practising all the principles, but allow myself to “stretch” the speed limit where appropriate.
I probably stretched to 85mph in places, but the end result was that I got to work feeling alive having taken the scenic route turning a 40 minute journey into a 55 minute journey.

I have my mojo back, and all is good in the world.
Now to slowly return to speed limits ๐Ÿ™

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