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So, my test is next Friday, and I thought I better get one last ride in.
For the past week I have been trying to put some time back into the principles of advanced riding, and less in to just having fun. I had been concentrating on the weaker points of my riding, just trying to polish of the rough edges.

The best compliment I could get from John, my Observer, was to shake hands and say “welcome back Sean”.
Yep, I had my mojo back and had turned in a really good ride.
Twas not ideal conditions either, as the roads were wet, it kept spitting with rain, and the D roads were strewn with stones and gravel washed out from the rains of the last few days.

There were some good fun points too, the kind you get when two mates are riding out together.

I’m feeling good. Bring on the test.

Now, where are my books?

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