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The IAM Test

Well, today was the day of my test.
I had gone to bed at the normal time and looked forward to another full nights sleep, something that had been happening for the last couple of nights………

……..so, the day started at 05:30 when I woke up, and could not get back to sleep.
Saying that, I did sort of snooze until 07:00 when the house starts to wake up.

The test was not until 14:00, so I needed something to distract me during the morning.
What better time to start working on the XT550. It was time to get the engine out of the bike and on to the bench. That was done and dusted by 11:30, so time for a quick shower and a bite to eat.

I met up with the examiner, a Hampshire m/bike policeman, at Eastleigh railway station.
The plan was to brief me on the first stage of the ride and where we would be going, and then he would stop me to brief the next part of the route. This actually happened three times and made for a very smooth ride, plus good indication from him.

We rode a big circuit up towards Winchester, across to the A32 and back round the South to Hedge End.
It was a good mix of road types and speeds. There was a fair bit of traffic, so there were times to be patient and times to squeeze in a cheeky overtake. It all just seemed to go so well.

At the end of the ride there was the slow riding exercise, which was three figure of eights.
Then across the road to Burger King for a few road signs (highway code questions).
I got the cokes in, as it was quite a hot afternoon.

Time for the verdict. Yep it was a pass. It all seemed a bit of an anti-climax
There was then a breakdown of areas of the ride where I could improve. To be honest there was only one and that was fine tuning my route through corners, especially right handers.

It was not until a few hours later, and some time after speaking to my Observer, that it began to sink in.
I reckon it will still be a few days before I realise that I am now an “Advanced Motorist”. Or, maybe I will still be underwhelmed ๐Ÿ™‚

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