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Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2

My last phone was the Nokia N900. It was a great phone but my eyes are not what they used to be, and I had trouble seeing the keyboard in less than perfect light.
Its other disadvantage was that it ran Nokia’s Meamo software that, whilst a derivative of Linux, was not readily supported by the Linux community.

So the hunt was on for a new phone, and was leaning towards a Samsung Galaxy S2.
My works phone is an iPhone, and to be honest I could not really get on with it. It is also a great phone, but it just does not seem very intuitive.
The one thing for sure is that it had to run Android. The main reason for this was that I wanted it to run a bit of software that links in with my VRod, called Portable Dashboard. I will write up a review of it at a later date.

The short list was down to the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the HTC Sensation.
I read a great deal about both of them, and there was not much in it. The HTC had a smaller screen, but a sturdier case, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 had bigger screen but a plastic feeling case. I went to my local O2 shop and had a feel of both phones. Again there was not much in it, but the Samsung just seemed to fit my hand better and felt incredibly light. I had to have one.

I found that I could get one, on an £32/month O2 contract, but if I got it from O2 I would have to pay £100 for the phone. Instead, I got it from one of the various internet phone companies for free, and with 4 months half price.
According to O2 they could not match it because they did not have the buying power to get the phones for a price that was low enough to be able to offer them free :O

For years I have worked on the principle that a phone is a phone, and it is nice if it can do the other odd thing. This phone is not a phone, it is a smartphone, and oh boy is it smart. Everything you do with it is seamless.

I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy S2. More ramblings about it to come in the future.

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