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M-1215BA common problem with earlier VRods is a clunking sound coming from the front of the bike. It is often apparent on braking, and as a result the blame is usually directed at the brake callipers.

The problem is actually caused by the fact that the Triple Tree stem is made of aluminium, so over time this stretches meaning the stem nut is not torqued up as tight as it might be.

Harley Davidson have recognised this problem, with the clunk, and issued Service Bulletin M-1215B, which supersedes M-1215
The actual change is to install a different stem nut, which apparently fixes the issue.
The change can be undertaken as part of a normal service, and Harley Davidson should shoulder the cost (see the service bulletin)

Mine has been done, and to be honest it still clunks, though not quite as bad.
I really must get around to checking the torque on the stem nut sometime.

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